Any type of document is acceptable for editing, including

  • research manuscripts
  • grant proposals
  • cover letters
  • reports
  • resumes
  • books and book chapters
  • theses and dissertations*
  • student term papers*

The cost for editing is $50/hour, negotiable. We will cheerfully provide cost estimates (check the appropriate box in our Document Submission form). A typical full-length research manuscript or an NIH grant proposal averages 5-6 hours of editing. Please allow three days for editing of manuscripts and grant proposals and two days for short reports.

For lengthy documents such as dissertations, we will consider a reduced rate or flat fee. Similarly, for term papers, undergraduate students should inquire about a cost reduction*.

Generally, we do not offer varying levels of editing; we prefer to employ a comprehensive approach regardless of document type. However, if you are interested in only copyediting or proofreading, please inquire. Otherwise, all editing will include correction of grammar, syntax, punctuation, consistency, and logical flow. We will correct difficult, wordy, and complex passages or provide suggestions for their revision.

We will not alter factual or scientific content; rather, if deemed desirable, we will make suggestions for inclusion, omission, or modification of material for your consideration. Similarly, we will alert authors to content or wording that reviewers may flag to reject a submission. We will also ensure consistency in nomenclature, organization, and information content. Finally, unless requested (see Submit Your Document), citations will not be formatted (but see below regarding dissertations). Formatting of citations is time-consuming, thus, to reduce cost, please consider devoting sufficient effort to preparing your citations.

We will edit documents to conform to the Chicago Manual of Style (16th Ed.) or the American Medical Association Manual of Style (10th Ed.). If desired, we will correct notes, bibliographies, and reference lists to conform to Turabian style (8th Ed.) for your discipline. You may specify additional or other style guidelines and other requirements, e.g., word or page count.

Documents must be written in English. Either US or UK spelling may be used. Presently, we can handle documents created with Microsoft Word® and Apple Pages®. We also have some experience with Overleaf, an online collaborative LaTex writing service.

*Please check with your institution, advisor, or instructor whether
written permission is required for submission to an editing service.