About Cursor Scientific Editing

Cursor Scientific Editing and Writing is a professional freelance editing and content creation service for the biological and medical sciences. We collaborate directly with authors, we do not edit anonymously. Our board certified Editor has decades of expertise in the life sciences, including research, writing, and reviewing journal articles and grant proposals.

To convey your message in science, your writing must be clear and concise. You have novel ideas and important discoveries. Don’t be ignored! Our mission is to ensure that you communicate effectively.

Our Editing Service

We correct, revise, and improve the content of manuscripts, grant proposals, dissertations, cover letters, reports, conference abstracts, book chapters, web pages, i.e., any document of, or pertaining to, a scientific matter. We encourage authors to discuss their documents with our Editor, and, also in consultation with authors, we will write material completely from the start. We have edited extensively for authors who are not native English speakers.

Our editing is comprehensive, with excellent attention to detail. We focus on, but are not limited to, the following aspects of document preparation:

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Word Usage
  • Style: AMA 10, Chicago 16 (Turabian 8), APA 6
  • Figures, Graphs, Tables
  • References, Citations
  • Logic
  • Organization
  • Consistency
  • Intellectual and factual content

More about our service

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